Circular Economy - 24 November, 2022

The sustainability challenge is also sociological

In accordance with the concept of due diligence, the State must implement the appropriate tools to prevent damage to a common good (in this case, the environment and natural spaces), against conduct carried out by individuals (littering).

Circular Economy - 4 July, 2022

Let’s change the conversation about multilayer PET

Everyone agrees about the necessity of using easy-to-recycle mono-solutions when possible. This “when possible” is referred to the fact that the change to mono solutions must guarantee the same functionality as PET/PE solution regarding closure effectiveness and the compliment of recyclability guidelines (DfR).

RETRAY Certification - 24 February, 2022

Activity Report 2021

We share our 2021 Activity Report. Despite the complexity and uncertainty of the context, we have launched the new RETRAY certification scheme,

Circular Economy - 17 February, 2022

The United Kingdom, Spain and the plastic packaging tax

Next April, the United Kingdom will be the first country to begin applying a tax on plastic packaging. Spain and Italy will be the only European countries that, in the short term (2023), will begin to apply a tax on plastic packaging.

RETRAY Certification - 3 November, 2021

PET thermoforms in the forthcoming Spanish legal frame

it is clear the necessity of certification tools, such as RETRAY Process and RETRAY Product, by companies in the value chain of thermoformed PET containers, both in order to verify the recycled plastic content in the packaging as to justify the application of bonuses to the modulations of financial contributions before the SCRAP

Environment - 27 September, 2021

Are mono-materials guarantors of recyclability?

Thermoformed multilayer PET containers have been on the market for years because they have proven to be a totally effective solution in terms of sealing and barrier function. The use of additives in mono-material should not compromise the value chain for recycling

ECOSENSE Certification - 28 April, 2021

AMB achieves the ECOSENSE certification

AMB achieves the ECOSENSE certification for its two facilities in Italy, San Daniele del Friuli and Amaro, and it stands out as the first PET sheet producer in Italy to obtain the certificate.

ECOSENSE Certification - 23 December, 2020

CAPRICHO renews its ECOSENSE certificate

CAPRICHO ANDALUZ renews successfully the ECOSENSE certification for its facilities in Cordoba (Spain) and maintains the distinction as first company in the oil sector to achieve the certificate

Environment - 13 June, 2019

Professor Kim Ragaert rehabs plastics

Professor Kim Ragaert explains how to rehabilitate plastic as a material in order to reconcile with it. She also compares plastic recycling with glass and paper.