Circular Economy, Environment / 31.01.2020

PETCORE EUROPE Conference 2020 “Circularity and Innovation – Shaping the future of PET”

PETCORE EUROPE Conference 2020 “Circularity and Innovation – Shaping the future of PET”

The annual PETCORE EUROPE Conference will take place next 5 – 6 February in Brussels and the Plastic Sense Foundation will be present, according to its mission of showing and promoting the contribution to the Circular Economy of their ECOSENSE certified companies. Klöckner Pentaplast, with four facilities certified in Spain and Portugal, will participate represented by Ana Fernández with the intervention “Trends in PET tray recycling”.

The foundation, and other ECOSENSE companies that will also attend, will have the chance to do networking and speak about all the issues currently in the spotlight. One of them will be the best way to ensure a properly balance between available recycling technologies and functional properties of PET trays, on regards of food conservation and long shelf life requirements1, and how this should be considered in the Design for Recycling Guidelines for thermofomed PET trays and the protocol for its verification.

The support and help from PETCORE EUROPE are essential for the sheet manufacturing sector and the PET tray recycling value chain to attain the targets derived from the European Strategy for Plastics published on January 2018. For that reason, the Plastic Sense Foundation collaborates actively with the European association as member of the Working Group on Recycling PET thermoforms where scientific, technical and regulatory activities of the Technical Committee of the association are managed.  

The program of the conference is available here:

(1) According to FAO, the highest carbon footprint of food wastage (37% of total) occurs at the consumption phase. “Food wastage footprint & Climate Change”, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Bb144e/1/11.15