Ecosense Foundation began its activity in 2017, at the request of companies in the sector and the General Directorate for the Environment of the European Commission, with the aim of giving transparency and visibility to the work carried out by companies in the value chain of the thermoformed PET container in terms of Circular Economy.

At the foundation we work with a team of people with extensive professional experience in the field of PET, our main objective being to promote the use and recycling of thermoformed packaging made with this material.


Permanent COLLABORATION with the entire value chain for the use and recycling of thermoformed PET containers.

PASSION for our work because we enjoy what we do.

COMMITMENT to the implementation of a Circular Economy model in the thermoformed PET container sector.

HONESTY as the basis for the entire operation of our foundation.

QUALITY as the guarantor of all the activities we promote, drive and undertake at the foundation.

EXCELLENCE as the ongoing goal in all our actions.

CLOSENESS with all the companies and entities that share our objectives and, in a special way, with our RETRAY companies.




Generation of information of interest to the thermoformed PET packaging sector, as well as knowledge transfer on recyclability and eco-design to certified and approved companies.


Activities to guarantee the transparency and traceability of the incorporation of recycled material from the tray-to-tray circuit in the value chain of thermoformed packaging. The foundation grants the RETRAY certification to companies that manufacture sheets, thermoformed containers, and packers, and approval to PET tray recyclers, recovery companies and waste managers.


Promotion and dissemination in Europe of the use and recycling of thermoformed PET packaging through cooperation with sectoral associations and public and private entities, as well as attending and participation in congresses, conferences, workshops and relevant working groups to promote the use and the recycling of the thermoformed PET tray and to give visibility to the certified companies.