ECOSENSE Certification / 12.06.2019

STP, FORMASPACK and GOIKOA, the new ECOSENSE companies

STP, FORMASPACK and GOIKOA, the new ECOSENSE companies

In the second quarter of 2019, the facilities at Santa Oliva (Tarragona) – from the SHEET PACK (STP Group) sheet producer -, at Reocín (Cantabria) – of the sheet producer FORMAS PACK – and at Sangüesa (Navarra) – of the EMBUTIDOS GOIKOA food packer – have been joined to the ECOSENSE certification.

In addition, in the first quarter of 2019, the facilities of Espiel (Córdoba), of the sheet producer SP Group, and the two LINPAC’s production centers (KLOCKNER PENTAPLAST Group), located in Quintana and Vegafriosa (Asturias), have renewed their ECOSENSE certificates.

The ECOSENSE certification is the initiative of the Plastic Sense Foundation to consolidate a circular economy model in the PET food tray sector. It is aimed at manufacturers of sheet and PET tray, as well as food packers, who recycle their industrial and post-industrial multilayer waste and reintroduce recycled PET from delamination processes as secondary raw material in their production processes of manufacture or use of sheet and/or tray.

To obtain the ECOSENSE certificate, the facilities of the companies are subjected to an inspection process by an entity accredited by ENAC under the ISO / IEC 17020 standard, which verifies the compliance with the requirements established in the corresponding ECOSENSE procedures.