ECOSENSE Certification / 28.05.2019

SP Group renews its ECOSENSE certificate

SP Group renews its ECOSENSE certificate

SP Group is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging materials and sheets for PET food trays, with more than 30 years of experience. It was the first producer of complex sheet that obtained the ECOSENSE certificate, at the beginning of 2017, thus ensuring traceability and transparency in the reincorporation of recycled material from delamination processes of industrial and post-industrial sheet waste.

After two years their facilities in Espiel (Córdoba) have been subject to a new inspection process by an entity accredited by ENAC under ISO / EC 17020 to verify its compliance with the requirements of the PS-RPM-LAM Procedure established by the Plastic Sense Foundation. They successfully renew their ECOSENSE certificate, demonstrating their commitment to the circular economy within the PET food tray sector.

The ECOSENSE companies not only help to prevent landfilling of this type of waste, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using less energy and resources than virgin plastic in the manufacture of their sheets.

SP Group has always distinguished itself by its commitment to innovation, with participation and leadership in several R & D projects. One of its most outstanding initiatives in this field is TRAY2TRAY project, which guarantees that its own waste is transformed and re-incorporated in the manufacture of its sheets, giving plastic a second life as a valuable material.