RETRAY Certification / 29.11.2021

BENZAPLASTIC and INDESLA, first companies to obtain the RETRAY Process certification

BENZAPLASTIC and INDESLA, first companies to obtain the RETRAY Process certification

November 2021 – The sheet producer BENZAPLASTIC S.L. and the thermoformer INDESLA S.L. are the first companies to achieve the RETRAY Process certification for their facilities in Alcalá la Real and Biar (Spain), respectively.

RETRAY is the Plastic Sense Foundation’s certification scheme to consolidate a circular economy model in the value chain of thermoformed PET packaging by quantifying the recycled content, from the tray-to-tray stream and other sources, in accordance with the standard UNE 15343 and verification of its recyclability according to the guidelines published by the foundation.

BENZAPLASTIC is part of Sierra Sur Group, linked to the food industry since 1993. Committed to the environment since its very beginning, the company is specialized in the manufacture of PET sheet for packaging and in plastic recycling. In 2020, this company has increased its production capacity to reach 21,000 tons per year, incorporating a technology that has enable to reduce 30% energy consumption per kilogram of material produced. Since 2019 BENZAPLASTIC has the ECOSENSE certification for its facilities in Alcalá la Real (Spain) and now, in 2021, it has taken advantage of its renewal to carry out the audit to obtain the RETRAY Process certification.

For its part, the INDESLA philosophy is based on the search for excellence for more than fifteen years dedicated to produce packaging for the fruit and vegetable sector. The circular economy has been present since the beginning by improving the eco-design of its products, allowing the reduction of the amount of plastic used and achieving solutions that optimize the conditions of conservation of food. The manufacture of recyclable packaging made up with recycled material has been the focus of the company in recent years. The incorporation of recycled PET from the tray-to-tray circuit has been an achievement materialized this year at its facilities in Biar (Spain).

Both BENZAPLASTIC and INDESLA have undergone an audit process by an entity authorized by the Plastic Sense Foundation to verify compliance with the RETRAY procedure for sheet producers and PET thermoforms. RETRAY Process replaces the ECOSENSE certification, expanding its requirements to incorporate those included in the UNE-EN 15343 standard.With the RETRAY certification, INDESLA and BENZAPLASTIC contributes to consolidate a circular economy model in the sector of thermoformed PET containers. In this way, it ensures traceability and transparency in the reincorporation of recycled material from pre-consumer and post-consumer waste in the manufacture of new PET thermoforms. The final purpose of RETRAY is to increase the transformed volume of PET packaging waste from the tray-to-tray circuit and thus contributes toensuring that 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics find their way into new products by 2025, according to the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy