Circular Economy, Institutional Relations / 25.02.2020

ANAIP and the PLASTIC SENSE Foundation have signed an agreement to support recycling promotion

ANAIP and the PLASTIC SENSE Foundation have signed an agreement to support recycling promotion

Moving towards circular economy is a key objective both for the National Association of Plastics Industries, ANAIP, and for the PLASTIC SENSE Foundation. Hence, the entities have signed a collaboration agreement focused on the mutual support of their activities to promote the recycling of plastics and the use of recycled material by the plastic processing companies.

The PLASTIC SENSE Foundation’s mission is to enhance visibility to the work carried out by companies in the value chain of the thermoformed PET tray in the field of circular economy. Its main objective is to promote the use of recycling in this type of food packaging.

This purpose is aligned with the objectives of ANAIP and those of the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy, which wishes to boost recycling and use of recycled material in the manufacture of new products as an alternative to virgin raw material, reaching 10 million tons of recycled plastics supplied by 2025. The plastics processing industry itself has also reached a voluntary agreement that includes two key objectives: to achieve 70% of recycling and reuse of plastic containers by 2040 and 50% of recycling and reuse of all plastic waste by the same year.

Within this common framework for action, Luis Cediel, Director Manager of ANAIP, and Mercedes Gómez, Director Manager of the PLASTIC SENSE Foundation, have signed an agreement on 18th February whereby both entities undertake to collaborate in promoting the circular economy activities of the entities. As ANAIP and PLASTIC SENSE are participants and promoters of several initiatives aimed to ensure transparency and sustainability in the plastics manufacturing and recycling sector, this agreement is a meeting point for the dissemination and mutual promotion of their activities.

“This agreement will help companies to move towards circular economy and the objectives of using recycled material in the manufacture of new products, according to the European Strategy for Plastics,” said Luis Cediel. On her part, Mercedes Gómez appreciates that “thanks to the collaboration between ANAIP and PLASTIC SENSE it will be possible to identify and take better advantage of the synergies needed for joining forces and keeping working on the repositioning of the image of plastics to society”.