RETRAY Certification / 16.02.2023

Accreditation of Certification Bodies for RETRAY

Accreditation of Certification Bodies for RETRAY

The RETRAY certification scheme has been validated according to EN ISO/IEC 17065 for the certification of traceability in the plastics recycling process and recycled plastic content in line with EN 15343.This is a further step in strengthening the tray-to-tray circuit in Europe and enables companies in the PET thermoforming value chain to have a recognized certificate for the manufacturing processes and/or use of PET sheet and thermoforms and also certify products such as PET sheet, thermoforms and PET thermoformed packaging..

Obtaining a RETRAY certificate, whether for a process or a product, implies Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) has certified that the company complies with the requirements established in the corresponding RETRAY procedure. Accreditation of Certification Bodies enhances confidence in their competence and impartiality, thus promoting the acceptance of their certificates throughout the market, since they are perceived by companies, consumers and public entities as truthful and worthwhile.

CABs may apply for accreditation under the RETRAY scheme to the respective National Accreditation Bodies (NABs) members of EA willing to offer accreditation of conformity assessment activities in accordance with this scheme. ENAC, the Spanish Accreditation Entity, is the “Home-AB” for the RETRAY certification scheme and contact point for EA members.

CABs must meet the conditions described in section 4.4. of the General Regulations of the RETRAY certification scheme in order to be able to operate within the scheme. Among other requirements, auditors must complete a specific training course organized by the Ecosense Foundation and given by auditors already trained in the RETRAY scheme.

Application for accreditation to ENAC by Certification Bodies