ECOSENSE Certification, Environment / 17.05.2020

Recognition to companies in the PET tray value chain on Global Recycling Day

Recognition to companies in the PET tray value chain on Global Recycling Day

Today, May 17, is Global Recycling Day. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) established this day in 2005 in order to promote greater responsibility among the inhabitants of the planet, not only from the perspective of the citizen as a consumer, but of those who extract the raw materials and of those who transform them into consumer goods.

On this day, we do not want to miss the opportunity to highlight the great work that companies in the value chain of the thermoformed PET tray are doing in such a difficult time of pandemic.

In addition to guaranteeing production, in many cases higher than usual, they have had to establish a series of extraordinary measures in record time. Thanks to that, the food sector has remained the same maximum level and products reach our homes with all the hygienic-sanitary guarantees.

Meanwhile, within the same framework, the recycling sector has continued providing the recycled PET as raw material for the manufacture of new PET trays, allowing the Economy to be Circular in the sector. The Plastic Sense Foundation also continues to work so that companies in this value chain can renew their ECOSENSE certification or, if they do not already have it, can begin the process for their certification.

To all of them, thank you for your work and commitment on Global Recycling Day.

Mercedes Gomez Paniagua

Director Manager