Circular Economy, ECOSENSE Certification, Institutional Relations, RETRAY Certification / 22.12.2023

Ana Fernández and Christian Crépet new members of the Board of Trustees at Ecosense Foundation

Ana Fernández and Christian Crépet new members of the Board of Trustees at Ecosense Foundation

We are very proud to announce that Ana Fernández and Christian Crépet have joined the Ecosense Foundation Board of Trustees. With the incorporation of their huge experience and professional career, Ecosense is closing the loop of the knowledge needed for boosting the activity of the Foundation as the owner of the most relevant sectorial certification scheme in Europe, on recycled content and recyclability, of the PET packaging value chain.

This milestone occurs in a crucial moment for the sector where certification is emerging as a key tool to demonstrate and verify traceability on recycled content and compliance of Design for Recycling Guidelines. For this reason, Ecosense is very active collaborating with Petcore Europe in the Steering Board of TCEP (Tray Circularity Evaluation Platform) and participating in the new standards and technical reports that are currently being developed inside CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, and will be applicable in the next future.

As new Trustees, Ana Fernández and Christian Crepet participates in the Management Committee of the RETRAY certification scheme providing a wide view of the PET and thermoforming sector thanks to their deep knowledge of both markets. This approach is vital, in accordance with the directives of the Accreditation Bodies, to ensure the best decision-making inside the main control body of the certification scheme and to ensure impartiality relying on the advice of the Technical Committee, represented by all the agents of the value chain, and the best technical performance on auditing by the Certification Bodies authorised to operate under accreditation for the RETRAY scheme.

PhD in Chemistry from the University of Zaragoza, she has more than 35 years of experience in the manufacturing sector of plastic packaging. She has developed practically her entire career at the multinational LINPAC Packaging, initially as Technical and Operations Director of the Pravia plant and later, since the company’s acquisition by Klöckner Pentaplast, as Global Innovation Director of the food packaging division. From that position she has promoted the company’s sustainability plan, paying special attention to projects related to improving recyclability and the use of post-consumer recycled materials in the manufacturing of packaging for direct contact with food. She is a member of several industry associations and is active in Petcore Europe leading the thermoforming working group.

MBA from HEC Paris, he has more than 45 years of experience in commercial and executive management in the chemical, plastics, and recycling sectors. He began his professional career at Dow Chemical and, during his 13 years at the chemical company Versalis, he was a founding member of Valorplast and Recypet. In the mid 90’s  he became General Manager, BoD member of the Holding and the Compagny of the first French PET and HDPE recycling company Sorepla Industrie for 26 years. During this periods he has been BoD member and Treasurer  of Petcore Europe in 2006,  Vice President of the PRE (Plastics Recyclers Europe) association for 15 years and chair-founder of the HDPE/PP WG, co-chair of the PET WG.  He has also been at the BoD and Steering Committee of entities and associations such as: PLAREBEL, POLYREC, SRP,  Commité Aval of Institut Français du Petrol (IFPEN), co-chair packaging for the CPA ( EU Commission Circular Plastics Alliance). Became Executive Director of Petcore Europe, bringing the association  from 30 members in 2016  to mid 2023 160 members. Since January 2023 he is an honorary member of the Board of Directors of Petcore Europe and has started  within Petcore the Polyester Textile SIG ( Special Industry Group). He also acts as a consultant: assisting EU recyclers and has started succesfully with a major oil firm plastic micro-recycling plants in Africa.