Circular Economy, RETRAY Certification / 31.01.2024



Complete professional solutions for food packaging. 

For each customer, a solution for their business. Our extensive experience in the sector and our position as market leaders in quality allow us to advise on the best option for the packaging of food products. 


1.-How was the company founded and what are the main characteristics that define it today? 


Tav Food Packing S.L. has been bringing together a large team of specialists in sustainable food packaging since 2005.  

Since then, Tav Food Group has continued to grow thanks to its strong initiative in the sector, its continuous effort to improve products and processes and a strong commitment to innovation, always being at the forefront of all advances in food packaging. 

Tav Food Group has a bold commitment to the food industry: to combine the exceptional quality of our food packaging products with a focus on sustainability, innovation and responsibility.  

We work with leading food packaging manufacturers, offering innovative and sustainable food packaging solutions that drive growth and corporate responsibility for our customers.  

On the other hand, we are committed to quality and the environment, being ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OK COMPOST certified.  

We have 7,000m² of facilities and two logistics centres in Madrid and Navarre, which guarantees a fast service to our customers within 24 to 48 hours, with our customers being delimited by zones, which means a reduction in the environmental impact of transport. 


2.-How does the recently obtained RETRAY certification as the first certified distributor for the distribution of certified packaging fit into your sustainability plans? 


Tav Food Group is firmly committed to sustainability. That is why we minimise the environmental impact of our activity by adopting sustainable practices in all our operations. 

Having obtained RETRAY approval demonstrates our commitment to the environment by promoting the circular economy and the efficient use of resources. 

 In addition, it represents the commitment of our manufacturers, being a requirement for obtaining RETRAY approval that one or more of our suppliers have the RETRAY certification. 

On the other hand, we make a difference in the market by being the first distribution company with RETRAY approval, which highlights our commitment to sustainability. 


3.-What other innovation projects have you developed or are in development? 


As a result of our concern for the future of the planet and our constant effort to reduce plastic as much as possible in the value chain, we have launched Ecoocel: our sustainable packaging brand. Natural fibre products that are compostable and recyclable with the same quality standards that we apply to all Tav Food food packaging ranges. 

In addition, together with our suppliers we are working on the constant search for more environmentally friendly solutions, the increase of recycled PET plastic packaging and the eco-design of our products. 


4.-What do you think about the media fight against plastic and the plastic tax? 


In my opinion, today’s media are quite sensationalist and what sells nowadays is the shocking headline and information for quick consumption, but with little substance. The media is not always right or 100% truthful. That is why the consumer must be critical thinkers and must be nourished by several reliable sources of information in order to get their own, well-founded idea.

We need to work harder to educate the consumer, especially the next generations, who will automatically apply recycling to their way of life.

There is a lack of consumer awareness, social education, information, transparency on the part of the recycling companies, etc. All this combined leads to people becoming disinterested and not paying attention to the importance of having an organisation when it comes to disposing of waste where it belongs. Those who recycle only memorise whether plastic bottles should be thrown in the bin on their left or right, but they do not know where the waste goes, what is done with it, what environmental impact it may have, etc.

With regard to the plastic tax, there are many guidelines set by Law 7/2022, of 8 April, on waste and contaminated soils for a circular economy, to which we have had to adapt immediately, as well as our suppliers who work on increasing the recycled PET in the composition of the packaging, which reduces the tax to be paid by our customers. 

On the other hand, as an additional new requirement from this new year 2024, within our supplier approval process, we have included as a requirement the compliance with the UNE-EN-15343 standard (accredited by ENAC), for the recycled plastic content. 


5.-What are your objectives for 2024? 


In Tav food group, we work every day to reduce our environmental impact, among the objectives for this new year: 

  • To continue promoting the circular economy. 
  • To support and monitor compliance with the requirements set by the RETRAY approval. 
  • Adapt to the requirements set by Royal Decree 1055/2022, of 27 December, on packaging and packaging waste, as well as to the requirements of the different countries to which we supply our references. 
  • Maintaining our commitment to our manufacturers and customers to guarantee the sustainability and impact of our operations. 
  • Attend conferences and events related to the dissemination of recycling and reuse of packaging. 


6.- What are the prospects for the sector in the coming years? 


Due to increasing consumer awareness and awareness of PET packaging recycling, the main aspects we are looking for in the Packaging sector are: 

  • Minimise the carbon footprint of packaging distribution as much as possible. 
  • To promote the circular economy by motivating the useful life of products. 
  • Collaborate and engage with our suppliers to ensure sustainable packaging based on the 3Rs of sustainability such as reduce, reuse and recycle.